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About Nora Wolfson

My work is based on strongly held beliefs and observations that I've made over the course of almost three decades working in both business and psychology. Here is what I believe:

Everyone has unique gifts and a contribution to make. My role is to help people identify their gifts and determine the actions which will allow them to make the greatest contribution, not only in their organization but also in their personal lives, their communities, and in the world at large.

Intention is key. With clear intention as their guide, clients stay focused on important goals and — at the same time — remain flexible and willing to change strategies and tactics to achieve those goals. Intentionality drives creativity which, in turn, helps individuals come up with ideas that they take ownership of. And interestingly enough, clear intentions lead to solid results.

Curiosity should be encouraged. A curious mind discovers solutions in unlikely places. Asking questions, pushing the envelope, and looking at a multitude of options will win out over "this is the way we've always done it" every time.

Authenticity and integrity are essential. Business that is based on values, purpose, and passion is more fun and more profitable. A side-effect of being authentic, ethical, and working with integrity is that we're comfortable with ourselves, proud of our work, and we sleep well at night.

Quality counts. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Mediocrity is for people who just want to get through the day. My clients are committed to producing quality products and services that they are proud to put their names on.

Legacy matters. My sincere hope and belief is that those of us who operate in life and in business from a place of clarity, integrity, purpose, and passion and use our gifts in service to others will leave the world a better place.

I've worked as a consultant, coach and psychotherapist since the mid-1980s. My Masters Degree is in Clinical Psychology and I am a graduate of the Organization and Systems Development Program of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland ( While my work is now focused almost exclusively on business, I do maintain my license as a psychotherapist.

Prior to becoming a full-time business consultant, I worked in the retail and medical industries, as a coach for The Hunger Project, was a partner in a graphic design firm, and was a therapist. These seemingly disparate experiences taught me a great deal about business management and customer service, about how to help other others produce results, and how interpersonal skills can either help or hinder individuals in business.

If you'd like to know more about me or arrange a time to discuss your business concerns, please contact me.